How many of your new year’s resolutions have you broken already? Determined that this year will be different, I decided not to set new year’s resolutions and instead to set good marketing intentions.

Even as a seasoned marketer, I find that marketing my own business falls to the bottom of my to-do list and so, I have set three marketing intentions that I am going to stick to. I guess you could say that this translates into the three most important marketing activities that any business should carry out.

No matter what size of business you are, it’s wise to stop and ask yourself if you’re doing these three basic yet highly effective marketing essentials.

Plan (and stick to it!)

The new year is an ideal time to review your current marketing plans or if you haven’t got any in place, establish them. Without a plan, you have no idea where you’re heading or when you’ve arrived. Establishing a clear plan of action will allow you to plan your marketing and other activities accordingly and will mean you are more likely to be successful in achieving your good marketing intentions.

Sticking to your plan is the hard part, so make sure you carve out time on a regular basis to deliver against your plan. I’m dedicating small allotments of time throughout my week so that the tasks don’t feel onerous. I’m also delegating more and inviting partners to guest blog on my website.

Communicate (often)

Communication is absolutely critical. Whether its internally with your team and stakeholders or externally with your existing customer and target market. All too often communication is taken for granted or overlooked and your plan begins to hit roadblocks such as lack of buy-in, actions not being completed and inaccurate expectations being set. Often you need input from other internal stakeholders so letting them know what you’re doing and when you will need input from them is important.

Your existing customers are your most important asset, so planning your customer communications, sharing information, hints and tips and new product information on a regular basis is important in keeping them abreast of what’s happening within your organisation and most importantly how that can help or benefit them.

Then there’s your prospect base, the contacts within your database who expressed an interest but didn’t purchase. They’re still potential clients, so as with existing customers, it’s important to keep them informed as to what’s happening within your organisation what’s new and what other products and services you may offer. Maybe your product wasn’t quite right for them when they first enquired but now, you’ve enhanced it and included the features they were looking for… At minimum, I’d recommend writing a monthly blog post and sharing that with your contact base via an email blast.

Make your website your window to the world (and update it regularly)

We all know that if anyone wants to know something they’ll Google it. When was the last time you reviewed or updated your website? Do you know what the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) methods are for page 1 rankings? Adding new, informative and educational content to your website on a regular basis will not only aid your SEO tactics but will also mean that people who visit your website will see that you’re actively marketing your company. Writing a regular blog, adding new products and features, and sharing company news are all effective ways of adding more content to your website. Make sure you follow good SEO practices.

Need help?

As a small business, you may struggle with the time and resource to complete these tasks and as a larger business, your resource may be distracted, focusing on other campaigns, events and marketing deliverables. So, no matter what size of business you are, if you’re not delivering these marketing essentials, get in touch. Vision 29 has the resource, skills and expertise to complement your existing team and ensure you’re delivering across all of your marketing intentions.

Jo Coxhill is a seasoned marketing expert with extensive experience in marketing. Contact Jo to find out more.

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