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29 free or budget friendly marketing ideas

Every business, large or small should have a defined marketing strategy with measurable objectives and an actionable plan. In this blog, we share 29 free or budget-friendly marketing ideas that every business should use. 1. Perfect your pitch Whether you’re a small... read more

Growth, success and optimism

I can’t quite believe it’s been over 3 years since I started Vision 29. My motivations were quite clear: to get a better work and life balance, spend more time with my family whilst still deriving a sense of achievement and success in my work life. By the end of last... read more

Is event marketing dead?

With millennials making up a quarter of the global population and rapidly becoming the dominant generation within the workplace, you’d be forgiven for thinking that event marketing is dead and the future of marketing is completely digital. After all, this generation... read more

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