Volkswagen Financial Services

The power of internal communications to create engagement and excitement in a time of change

The brief

Using effective internal communications to inform, engage and excite all colleagues throughout a period of change within the business.

The challenge

Leading financial services company, Volkswagen Financial Services, was building a brand new, state-of-the-art office space in Milton Keynes. The building was going to bring together its 750+ colleagues, who were working across three different sites and improve collaboration between teams, departments and working groups. The challenge was to use internal communications to inform, engage and excite all colleagues throughout the period of change within the business.

The solution

A detailed internal communications vision and plan was created and delivered on time and within budget. A clear tone of voice and brand for the project was developed, which carried through all communication channels. Over a 15 month period, regular communications were shared utilising a whole range of channels including: microsite, employee engagement events, experiential suite, emails and newsletters, desk drops, competitions, building milestones, such as Topping Out and Practical Completion were marked, photographic journey of the project was recorded.

Carefully timed pre-move and move day communications were issued and once everyone had settled into their new home, a series of post move communications and engagement activities commenced culminating in an invitation for all colleagues to provide feedback on their experiences.

The results

Engaged workforce

Who were enthused and excited about the move to their new office.

81% employee engagement

An impressive 81% employee engagement when surveyed about their readiness for the move.

885% increase in visitors

A remarkable 885% increase in visitors to the dedicated accommodation programme microsite over the 15 month project timescale.

Positive feedback

Extremely positive feedback at the end of the project endorsed that the communications had been effective.

Jo has done an exceptional job at engaging with our employees and keeping them informed of the project’s progress through a broad range of creative, innovative and exciting events, activities and communications channels. This has been absolutely critical in ensuring that our colleagues came on the journey with us and that they experienced a smooth transition before, during and post the moves. Titus Ackah-Sanzah

Project Services Manager, Volkswagen Financial Services

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