It is with great pleasure that Vision 29 is sponsoring the second edition of the Smart Working Handbook.

The Handbook aims to encapsulate best practice in the field of transforming organisations through smart working techniques. Absolutely critical to this is ensuring that employees are informed, engaged and excited at every stage, with the end result being an educated and engaged workforce who joins the company’s  journey to smart working and understands the impact of the changes to both the business and themselves as individuals.

Having provided internal communications and employee engagement to companies who have undergone this transition and now working closely with other companies providing services within this field, I felt sponsoring the handbook was a great choice.

The first edition of the Handbook has already been enormously influential in helping to shape the way that organisations work. The Handbook has been adopted or adapted by many organisations as their internal guide to Smart Working and the Cabinet Office has also adapted it to become the UK central government’s Guide for Smart Working in Government. The approach has become a key plank in the government’s Efficiency & Reform programme.

This second edition has been updated to take account of new developments and has new sections on ergonomics and wellbeing, plus new case studies.

Vision 29 is proud to be sponsoring the Smart Working Handbook alongside key companies such as CMI Workplace, Plantronics, Citrix, Saint-Gobain Ecophon and Workplace Manager and working closely with, which provides a wealth of information and knowledge about smart working practices.

Download your copy of the Smart Working Handbook and get in touch if you are in need of employee engagement advice and support as part of your move to smart working.

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