In the many years that I spent heading up marketing departments, I would have always said that it’s best to keep the management of your marketing in-house.

There’s usually an element of outsourcing, maybe it’s the design and print, event management, website, PR or social media. But how best to manage all of that than to have a team of individuals in-house too. After all, your loyal employees know your business inside out, you have complete control and invariably it’s cheaper right?

Now I have spent some time working on the other side of the fence, I realise that in fact, outsourcing opens up a whole new world of opportunity. Since working as a marketing consultant myself, engaging with a plethora of companies, talented individuals, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and working on a whole range of varied and interesting projects, my knowledge, ideas and skills have improved at such a rate of knots compared to when I worked for the same company day-in-day-out.

As a marketing consultant, I am forever soaking up new ideas, learning about new marketing innovations, improved ways of delivering the marketing mix and questioning how I can translate those into deliverables for my clients. This means that I can utilise my new-found knowledge, network of contacts and previous projects to ensure that I deliver innovative and market-leading ideas to all my clients.

By outsourcing your marketing, you are ensuring that you get:

  1. New ideas

Working with a diverse range of companies, a marketing consultant will always be armed with the latest marketing innovations and the broadest range of ideas for how your marketing objectives can be achieved.

  1. Flexibility

A marketing consultant can flex to meet your exacting needs. Marketing consultants are experts at understanding what each individual client requires and being adaptable to ensure they meet those needs.

  1. 100% dedication

Every client is precious to a marketing consultant and it’s important to ensure that each one receives 100% dedication. Not only so that the current project is delivered on time, in full and on brief but also so that the client makes recommendations to other contacts or invites the marketing consultant back to work on future projects.

  1. Positive results

A marketing consultant is under the microscope, they often make bold claims about what they can deliver and therefore they must deliver! You will always see results because their livelihood depends on it.

  1. Reduced overheads

By outsourcing your marketing you don’t have the financial commitment of a permanent employee. You don’t have to pay for sickness, holiday, pension etc. or incur HR and management overheads. A marketing consultant’s day rate may be higher but you can switch them on and off as and when you need to, so your overall overheads remain lower.

Still, today, when faced with the potential that an outsourced marketing consultant may be drafted in to work on a project or launch new strategies some employees get the jitters and feel their job is threatened. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Approached with the right mindset, an outsourced marketing consultant can bring untold benefits to an existing and established marketing team. Likewise, if there is no team already in place a marketing consultant can deliver exceptional value and results in a short period of time.

So, if you are not doing any marketing at all but know you need to or if you have a marketing team in place and feel you could benefit from some additional strategic direction, expertise and knowledge, then working with a marketing consultant is for you.

Give it a try and enjoy the rewards it will bring.

Read some of our client case studies for real-life examples of where working with an outsourced marketing consultant really delivers results.

Jo Coxhill is a seasoned marketing consultant and can help you on the road to success. Contact Jo for a free Discovery session.

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