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Whilst events may be considered a costly investment and a drain on a limited marketing budget, they can also deliver a remarkable return on investment in a relatively short space of time. Often, companies believe they’re not getting a good return on investment but that’s because they don’t invest enough time in the planning and follow-up.

Industry events

Well planned and executed industry exhibitions and conferences can deliver huge ROI for your business. It’s important to set clear and measurable objectives, and plan your approach carefully. The exhibition itself is only a small part of the whole journey and so pre-show, on-site and post-event promotion and engagement are critical to success. Used as part of an overarching and joined up marketing strategy, industry exhibitions and conferences are an effective lead generation and branding tool.

Internal events

Engaging with your employees is incredibly important to the on-going success of your business. Internal events enable you to communicate important information to your employees and gather their feedback or input at the same time. Whether you’re embarking on a period of change or simply wish to ensure your employees are informed, engaged and invested in your business, internal events, when used as part of an over-arching internal communications strategy, are an important and invaluable communications tool.

With extensive experience in organising both industry and internal events, Vision 29 will take away that headache and organise all your exhibitions, conferences and employee engagement meetings for you. We meticulously plan, organise and deliver every aspect from start to finish.

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